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Tears of Blood Gerard Desjardins Author

Brand: Grey Diamond Ventures Corp.

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When women and children are abused and robbed of their innocence, They cry...TEARS OF BLOODWhen the author first heard of this true story he cried and when he wrote it, he was overwhelmed with an immense sadness. No one can imagine how a man could inflict such abject misery and pain on a poor innocent woman and their six legitimate children. How can men impose such suffering on other human beings when society prohibits doing so to animals?But then again, could the men referred to in this story have possibly been human or were they none other than evil incarnations of the Devil himself? When you read this true story you will also cry and you will be grateful for what you have and where you are at the present crossroads of your life...In everyone's lifetime, Angels may appear before them. But being they look like humans, many fail to see who these angels really are. After reading this story, never again will you fail to recognize and obey one of these magnificent and loving Angels should one of them suddenly stand before you...

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  • manufacturer: Grey Diamond Ventures Corp.

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