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LEBONYARD Non-electric Folding Treadmill Exercise Treadmill Cardio Training ,Fitness Exercise for Home Three-in-one Multifunctional Walking Machine



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Description:Non-electric treadmill.The mechanical walking machine drives the flywheel to run according to the inertia of the footsteps, without plugging in electricity, which is more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.Comprehensive training walking machine.Three different exercise methods, two people can exercise at the same time.Strong and stable suction cup: strong suction, more stable and safe during exercise. Suitable for smooth floors such as tiles and floors.Walking Machine: Full Body ExerciseSupine board: abdominal Machine: Beautiful legs and thin waist create S curveFeature:Product size: 105x110x45 cm / 41.3x13.3x17.7 inPackage size: 120x59.5x19cm / 47.2x23.4x7.5 inGross weight: 19kg / 41.9lbRunning belt area: 100x35cm / 39.3x13.8 inAdjustable height: 105-120cm / 41.3-47.2 inInclude:1x Walking machine1x Tablet stand (not including tablet)1x Belt1x waist plate1x Instruction manualNote:QUESTION: why doesn't the treadmill work? Where is the power switch?ANSWER: the mechanical treadmill does not have motor drive, so it needs the strength of legs and feet to drive the running belt. QUESTION: how to work?ANSWER: first of all, hold the handrail with both hands. At the beginning of the exercise, you need to push back with your legs to drive the running belt. With inertia, the resistance will decrease, and the speed is up to you. If you stop running, the treadmill will stop with you. The first time you use it, there is a process of adaptation and habit (just like riding a bicycle, there is also a process of adaptation). The product will shake during exercise, please dont worry, It may be the cause of running too fast. It can be solved by tightening the running belt or increasing the slope appropriately. QUEATION Running belt is too tight, can not run or too loose, how to adjust?ANSWER:A. adjust the running board slope.B. adjust the running belt. If the running belt is too tight, please use the inner hexagon for the rear end hole of both sides to turn clockwise 1-2 times; If the running belt is too loose, please use the inner hexagon for the rear end hole on both sides to turn counter-clockwise 1-2 times. QUESTION: how to adjust the running belt deviation?ANSWER: QUEATION The product accessories received do not match the instructions on the manual. Is the accessory missing?ANSWER: Because there are many models and styles of walking machines, the manual is a general manual, and the actual product is the standard. Because lubricants and pure batteries are not allowed to be transported in international logistics, the actual package is not included and needs to be purchased separately, please understand.

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Use the treadmill to exercise every day, which can burn calories, keep slim and keep health.The treadmill are designed for physical training in home ,you can enjoy the happiness of fitness in home even the bad weather .High quality Exercise treadmill ,strong and durable.If you have the treadmill in home ,it can remind you to do excise or use it in fragmentation time.Use the treadmill in the morining ,you will have a good mood all day to enjoy life.when you stand the treadmill,you will feel freedom and relax in the heart.

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  • manufacturer: LEBONYARD
  • Part number: DD362

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